Ameena’s weight shift to 160kgs was so gradual that the family hardly related it to her knee pain & walking difficulties. These problems along with her diabetes were seen as part of the aging process. It was only when she sought help from one of them to walk or even stand up that her son woke up to the extent of the problem. After several futile visits to other centres, he brought her to MIOT International, Chennai on the recommendation of a close relative. “Thank God we came here or unknowingly we would have continued to put my mother through more pain” says her immensely relieved son.

Knee Joint: The silent martyr

Most of us don’t realize that while the Knee joint is the largest joint in our body, it is also the most vulnerable because of the enormous amount of force it absorbs and stress it takes with our every movement. The joint absorbs 1.5 times our body weight as we walk, while the support provided when climbing stairs or squatting is about 6 times. The Knee joint is also the most complicated as it has many parts supported by muscles, ligaments & cartilage. Weak muscles, overstretched or damaged ligaments & tendons and overweight damage the knee joint, over time.

Customised Solution

“When we saw the way Ameena’s right knee had bent outward, we were amazed at how she had handled the pain so far”, noted the Knee Replacement  Specialist at MIOT. “While a knee replacement was the only solution, a normal replacement would have failed quickly as there was too much outward pressure. She needed something that would last and work alongside her other conditions- being highly overweight (160kgs) and diabetic”.

At the surgery, Ameena was given a special Rotating Hinge replacement where the other parts of the implant were fixed together at the knee joint by a hinge. This took the pressure off the joint which would now bend normally. Post-operative x-rays showed excellent alignment of the knees. Post  surgery, Ameena’s blood sugar levels continued to be closely monitored, given her heightened vulnerability to infection. Soon she was walking  normally, following physiotherapy.

Once she got back home, a more aware & motivated Ameena set about improving her mobility by losing considerable weight, based on the special weight loss programme advised by MIOT  counselors. To her delight, it also brought down her sugar levels.

“I am very lucky to have had a second chance- never again will I ignore a warning sign- whether its on my weighing machine, the glucometer or a painful joint. I learnt that at MIOT” says a determined Ameena.


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