Mrs. Mary Azemia 57, hailing from Seychelles had discomfort in her chest area. Some procedures were not available in Seychelles. It was suggested that she visit MIOT Hospitals ,Chennai for a Stent procedure .

Upon her arrival , an Angiogram was performed to determine the percentage of blockages in her arteries . It was found that one artery had 60% blockage and the other had 95% . It was also found that 3 other small arteries were also blocked. The MIOT hospital Cardiologists suggested she undergo bypass surgery.

MIOT hospitals Cardiologist visited her to ask about her willingness regarding the bypass surgery . Mrs Mary stated, “ I’m putting my heart in your hands “. The surgeon later informed her that they wouldn’t cut her open but instead perform a minimally invasive surgery . This statement from the MIOT hospitals Cardiac Surgeon to Mrs Mary made her smile . This boosted her confidence as she could wear short tops as usual and continue her lifestyle normally.

Mrs. Mary Azemia’s heartfelt words :
“ It’s true , He (MIOT’s Cardiac Surgeon) made it ! He didn’t make any long cuts . I’m satisfied and I’m very happy , indeed I’m happy . “

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