For the past 6 years , Mrs Uma had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She lost the ability to move and her sense of direction control. Her right leg had become rigid and caused severe mobility problems. This affected her day to day life . She performed her daily chores with the help of a wheelchair . This instilled fear and lack of confidence in her life because of Parkinson’s .

MIOT Hospital provided a comprehensive consultation to Mrs.Uma through a dedicated team of Neurologists experienced in Movement Disorders , Physiotherapists , Speech & Swallow therapists and Psychologists for Parkinson’s. After undergoing a vigorous rehabilitation program for Parkinson’s for the past 6 months at MIOT Hospitals, her mobility has improved. Her speech ability also increased . She was able to perceive directions on her own while walking through various rehab exercises . This restored her confidence and reduced her fear to walk on her own .

Heartfelt Note from Mrs.Uma :
“Initially I was lacking confidence and was afraid to walk because of Parkinson’s disease. Now after rehabilitation treatment and through psychologist’s counseling at MIOT, I’m able to walk without fear. I’m thankful to the exemplary team of Neurologists who gave me confidence in my life. MIOT truly feels like a 2nd home .”

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