The story of cancer cure during the time of COVID – THE COVID FREE GREEN ZONE at MIOT. 

Mr. Samuel Bironga Mokaya from Kenya was diagnosed with colon cancer at one of the hospitals in Nairobi towards the end of September, 2020. This took him for a spin and his local Doctors advised him to do it in Nairobi as quickly as possible. He has sent his medical reports to several hospitals in India for the quotation and possibly admission. For the seven hospitals, he sent his request; it was only MIOT International that came up with a personalized quotation and interpretation of the case. The interpretation was so clear and understandable to the extent that he felt that he had someone who knew the remedy of what is ailing him. All the necessary facilitation for the visa was arranged as he arrived at MIOT International, Chennai, India on 13th October 2020. After clearing COVID test he underwent the surgery successfully and today 10th November, 2020 he is leaving back home happily post his treatment at MIOT International.

Mr. Samuel Bironga Mokaya shares his experience at MIOT Hospitals – Watch the video

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