We all know that smoking tobacco causes harm to our body and in specificity our lungs. Dr. V. Srinivasan expounds, “Smoking causes damage to lung tissues with the first inhalation of Smoke. It leads to complex inflammatory processes and changes in the immune system which leads to Chronic Obstructive Lung disease (COPD) and Emphysema. It also causes Lung Cancer and atherosclerosis due to the damage to blood vessels in Lung.”

What’s the smoke made up of?

Tobacco smoke is made up of thousands of chemicals, including at least 70 known to cause cancer. Most of the substances come from the burning tobacco leaves themselves, not from additives included in cigarettes. Benzopyrene is highly carcinogenic.

Other organs that get damaged

“In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body such as head and neck region, stomach, liver, pancreas, colon, rectum, bladder, kidney, cervix, blood, and cancer in the bone marrow. It can cause lung diseases like Chronic Asthma/COPD and Emphysema. It causes heart attack and stroke. It leads to Ulcers in the Stomach. It affects bones also causes Osteoporosis and fractures. It reduces blood circulation in feet and hands, which can lead to pain, gangrene and amputation (Thrombo angitis obliterans). It may cause Type 2 diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis too. It makes them vulnerable to get Tuberculosis,” reveals Dr. V. Srinivasan

MIOT’s treatment methods

MIOT’s 35-member Tumour board comprises of not only oncologists (Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologist and BMT Specialist) but also organ-specific specialists to chart out a customised treatment plan for every cancer patient. From diagnosis to treatment of cancer, MIOT campus holds all required facilities in the same location.

Radiation oncology at MIOT

MIOT is the first in Asia-Pacific to have introduced the state-of-the-art TrueBeamSTx Linear Accelerator capable of delivering high energy radiation to cure cancers by using latest Techniques like IMRT/IGRT/SBRT for Lungs. SBRT is a new treatment modality to cure early lung cancers without any need for surgery

What makes treatment with TrueBeamSTx different from other radiotherapies?

  • It is four times faster than regular radiotherapy, so the treatment takes mere minutes. Also, the total period of radiation gets reduced.
  • The system’s advanced imaging capabilities allow doctors to target the tumour with sub-millimetre accuracy.
  • The radiation beam can be custom shaped to tumours, sparing the surrounding tissue from damaging side-effects.
  • Quick and accurate dosage means quicker pain relief and alleviation of other symptoms.

Myths vs Facts

Dr. Srinivasan clears a few myths and facts surrounding tobacco smoking

Second-hand smoking or passive smoking affects a person more than first-hand smoking.
FACT: You breathe more than 4000 Chemicals during second-hand smoke

Smoking tobacco affects women more than men.
FACT: It can affect their Uterus and Children if they are pregnant, it can cause Cancers of the Cervix and LUNG

Smoking causes premature delivery and other complications in pregnant women.
FACT: It also causes retarded growth of the child leading to illness / death after birth and also miscarriage

Men who smoke have a greater risk of erectile dysfunction.
FACT: Apart from Impotency, they also have low sperm counts that may lead to Infertility

Quitting smoking without the help of doctors and medical professionals is bad for health
MYTH: Quitting Smoking is good anytime but approaching a Physician might help them in taking some Nicotine drugs or patches to reduce their craving for tobacco

E-cigarette is less harmful
MYTH: Because Nicotine present in low doses will cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In high doses it increases the heart rate and blood pressure and can cause fits leading to coma and death. Some E Cigarettes have ethylene glycol which may cause cancer.

To put an end to tobacco

MIOT has always been contributing to creating awareness for a tobacco-free city. Awareness Brochures, Tobacco Cessation Clinic, Counselling Tobacco patients to quit and Publishing Awareness articles are part of MIOT Hospital’s initiatives. Dr. V. Srinivasan also opines that the youth should also take up healthier stress-relief methods like yoga and pranayama and exercises. “With more support like No-Smoking policies, no selling of cigarettes, no promotions by tobacco companies, we will be able to achieve a healthier population,” he adds. “It is never late than now- Consider quitting. Prevention is always easier than cure,” concludes Dr. V. Srinivasan.


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