What is a bone marrow transplant?

Bone marrow is the tissue found inside your bones. It is the ‘factory’ for stem cells, which make your blood cells. Sometimes, the stem cells disappear or turn abnormal which affect your entire system. Here we remove the defective stem cells and replace them with healthy ‘donor cells’.

When is a bone marrow transplant done?

A bone marrow transplant is done as a definite solution for serious blodd related diseases like blood cancers, thalassemia, aplastic anaemia, sickel cell disorders, auto-immune disorders, immune deficiencies etc.

Where do the donor cells come from?

They are collected from matching donors. Transplants are classified based on who these donors are.

What are the different types of transplants?

Autologous transplants are those where you donate your own healthy stem cells.

Allogeneic transplants use cells from family members or strangers whose cells match yours.

Umbilical cord Blood, The Biggest hurdle in transplants is finding matching donors. That is why the latest Haplo-Identical Transplant done for the First Time in India at MIOT is so important.

How is the Haplo-identical transplant different?

Here the transplant can be done using donor cells that are just a 50% match. This means you can find a donor within your immediate family – your parents, children or siblings. It saves valuable time and money and treatment can be started immediately.

How are Bone Marrow Transplants done at MIOT?

It is a procedure which requires advanced treatment facilities and experts at every stage. Your diseased bone marrow is destroyed with chemo or radiotherapy. We then collect, strengthen and store donor cells at – 170

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