Mrs. Chamalee Manike Peries, a 50-year-old Sri Lankan, was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer. Her oncologist in Sri Lanka urged her to undergo chemotherapy immediately. Battling cancer is in itself hard to go through. It becomes even more difficult during times like the pandemic. Limited access to medical care added to her stress and anxiety, as she was worried that she might be vulnerable to infections and feared contracting COVID-19.

But Mrs. Peries needed advanced medical care and sought a second opinion from her friends to explore all her treatment options. That is when they suggested she visit MIOT International in Chennai because many of her friends and their families had successful treatments there.

On her arrival at MIOT, she and her daughter were taken for an RT-PCR test. The results revealed that they were COVID-negative. After taking them out of isolation, they met with the doctors at MIOT, who instructed them not to touch anything that was not sanitised and not to go outside without wearing a mask. He then explained the whole process thoroughly, reassuring them to go through with the chemotherapy.

It was quite an emotional journey for both the mother and the daughter as they had to come to terms with the diagnosis and the treatment plan, but they felt more confident after the doctor’s explanation. They left the hospital with a sense of hope and determination to fight the illness together. After the treatment, they could see the difference in her physical, mental, and emotional states.

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